Do I need another vid card?

This is my 1st post to this site. I just upgraded my desktop this month. I went from a single core 2.2 gig AMD on an ASUS board with 1 gig ram running XP to the following setup:
ASUS M5A97 Mobo
AMD AM3+ FX 6-core 3.2 gig cpu
8 gig (soon to be 16) of RAM
650 watt Diablo PSU
Seagate 500GB HDD
ATI Radeon 2600 HD Pro w/512meg (6 years old and used in old system).
Running Win 7 64 bit.

MY old system ran programs fine (alittle slow by modern standards) and I played Call o Duty UO with few hangups. This new system surfs faster than fire, plays youtube and DVDs awsomely so far, but gaming has a few hang ups (even more than the old system). I play mainly online servers. On some servers, there are almost no hangs or slowdowns. On others, it hangs up more noticeably, esp if alot is going on. I was thinking about putting in a 1 gig XFX 6770 card in a few months but if it will help, I may more that up.

PS: ASUS/Realtec onboard audio sux. Its got clarity but nowhere near the effects/positional surround of my old Soundblaster that Windows 7 no longer supports. I have a new modern Creative card in the mail.
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  1. so are you looking to upgrade your video card? if you are you gotta tell us a budget....but a 7850 or 7870 would be a great card for your thing to think about is your psu is a crappy brand they are known to blow up (have had that happen to me personally) also is the only game you play COD UO? if so since the game is so old it actually runs crappier on newer hardware
  2. That PSU is honestly plain awful. I wouldn't trust it to more than 400W-500W of power. I wold upgrade that before I touched my GPU.
  3. I actually had a tech friend recommend the PSU. He has had a similat unit for 2 years. In regards to budget, I was hoping to keep the card to around 100 bucks because later I want to Xfire 2 cards but I dont have alot of cash. I play CODUO now becaue my old system was not really up to the newer games (and I like the servers I play), but I am thinking about others now.
  4. Agreed, DiabloTek is about as poor quality as it gets for PSUs. It's not as much of a question of if it will fail as it is a question of when it will fail and how badly. Diablotek and RaidMax (along with a few less prominent crap brands) are not worth buying.
  5. if you only want a $100 dollar card now and you plan to crossfire 2 of the cards in the future then you should just hold off and buy a $200 or a $250 dollar card in the future....if you were to wait and buy a 7850/7870 you would get much better performance then you would if you bought 2 $100 dollar cards and crossfired them.....not to mention crossfire has issues with microstuttering/driver issues and they will produce more heat and probably take more power
  6. What would be a good PSU to buy? I calculated my power needs to be between 550 and 650. I dont think I need a monster PSU. That's why I got this thing and it fit nicely in my budget (Tigerdirect had a 10 buck rebate on a 55 dollar unit). Its brand new, works fine, and came recommended by someone that has one. I relation to the vid card, any recommendation as to make and GDDR size?
  7. DOESNT cost and arm or leg, sorry
  8. looked on Tiger and newegg. All the brands have people saying that got one that was DOA in the box, last a while and then quit, didnt deliver the power, and so on. I am PC savey but no expert. What PSU has a good rep that does cost an arm an leg.
  9. I dont think he has a 1080p display so the 7870 will go to waste. rather buying a 6770 now is not a bad idea since it will still him good performance at lower res display
  10. I think that a 7750 would be better than a 6770 considering the similar pricing, similar performance, far lower power consumption, and greater expanding capability ( significantly higher CF scaling and less stutter in CF). If a 7770 goes on sale for the same price range (they do that often), then that'd be an even better option. Significantly faster and still significantly lower power consumption.

    Also, maybe it would be a better idea to simply ask the resolution that he's playing at rather than assuming.
  11. I'll keep a look out for both a card and PSU. Right Now the Diablotek is running fine. I used a power consuption calculator to buy it in the 1st place. The PSU DRUMS advised is too small. My minimum need is 500 but that leaves no room for expansion. I had a 450 Antec (its now sold). 650 watt fit my budget and (supposedly) would provide the power. You guys have brought up some good concerns. I'd hate to fry my system, but I'll have to wait a month or two to get a paycheck or two in order to get a new PSU and vid card. Building this thing (and appears wasting 45 bucks) has drained my cash. Hopefullly, Tiger or Newegg will have a vidcard sale in the meantime. I still think the 7770 is overkill. I am looking at several monitors in the 20 inch range with 1600 by 900 res. I wish I could afford a 1080p. Any more advice is welcome
  12. What price are you looking at for your monitor?

    A 7770 is not overkill at all for 1600x900. A 7870 might be, but not a 7770. For 1600x900, you might want to step down to a 7850 or if you really want a cheaper graphics card, a 7770.
  13. Just to let you guys know, this is what my PSU puts out at BOOT according to ASUS bios:
    3V- 3.15
    5V- 4.95
    12V- 11.8.9 to 11.95
  14. That's just confirming what the rails on the power supply are doing, not so much the amperage. Your system would not run in less than 12a.
  15. Is there any way to check amps on a PC system. I know how to on a 60 Y/O tube set but not this stuff.
  16. Its just on the power supply box. On the label.
  17. GreyWulf45 said:
    Is there any way to check amps on a PC system. I know how to on a 60 Y/O tube set but not this stuff.

    if your asking for a monitor I believe that CPU-Z will report on the numbers you are seeking
  18. According to the maker, this thing puts out 40-45 amps on the 12 volt line. That's why I bought it. I was asking if I could verify this since most of the posts here say that Diablotec is lying about the quality and performance of their product.
  19. Diablotek does lie. However, the 12V amperage isn't the biggest problem. They are unreliable.
  20. blazorthon said:
    Diablotek does lie. However, the 12V amperage isn't the biggest problem. They are unreliable.

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