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I'm buying a 670 for my new build and I was wondering which manufacturer makes the most reliable 670s. This is because I would preferably like my components to last a number years, as when I upgrade, they can be used in my other builds.

I have heard that EVGA and ASUS are the best, but I wanted to obtain more opinions before i make a final choice.

Thanks in advance
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  1. My friend has a asus non top 670, and he doesnt regret the purchase, the direct cuII is great and quiet for cooling and the heatsink cover isnt made from plastic, and a real nice build quality. Has gpu tweak for oc'ing.
  2. EVGA and ASUS are very good -- MSI cards have nice cooler systems.
  3. really beside from the performance aspect and the cooling system, and the manufacturers reputation in their product, reliability matters on of course if it works when u get it and how its used and treated.
  4. These cards have not been out long enough to really know. I have the gigabyte Windforce 670 and love it. Just get one with an aftermaket cooler an a good warrenty.

  5. Definitely look for the cards that come with upgraded PCB components. MSI uses "Military Grade" components in their custom boards (Power Edition/OC) and Asus uses upgraded components in their DirectCU boards. Check Gigabyte for cards using their "Ultra-Durable" components. The EVGA Signature series and FTW series use upgraded components as well. There are others that upgrade their PCB components, not just simply adding a custom cooler on top of a reference board, so look for those.
  6. I don't think anything can beat the ASUS Direct CU cards far as quality. Especially with their Super Alloy Power manufacturing process.

    I know this post is about the 670 but check out this tear down and comparison of the GTX 660TI versus the reference version. This shows you how much quality and R&D that ASUS puts in to creating their non-reference solutions from the ground up.
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