Screen goes to sleep at start up

I have a self build computer with windows XP installed that I bought around 2-3 years ago. My problem is that it starts up just fine as it normally would but after getting to the windows XP loading screen the monitor displays no signal goin to sleep. moving the mouse an pressing the space bar dont seem to work.

On a fluke i stuffed up the shut down somehow an got an error screen that allowed to me to boot in safe mode. I was able to try a system restore but now i cant get back to safe mode an im back at square one. with the start up goin to sleep mode after the windows XP logo.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be and how to fix it? please?
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  1. What are the full specs of the system? Have you made any driver update changes recently? Installed new software? Have you tried another monitor? Have you tried booting in VGA mode? (hit F8 like you're trying to get in safe mode)
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