What graphics card recommend with this pc ?

I am looking for a graphic card and not be which choose, my pc is:
Pentium 4 HT 3.00 Ghz
1,5 GB RAM
340w Power Supply
I dont know the motherboard, only that supports pci-e

Help me please, Sorry for the bad english, but im spanish, Thanks
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  1. What is your budget for the card?
  2. About 50 dollars.
  3. We need to know for what kind of a slot, pcie, agp ?
  4. I forgot to say that the processor is Pentium 4 HT, i dont know if that help
  5. pci-e
  6. You have to find out if your mother board accepts pci-e DDR3 -- assuming it is OK, then you can get for around $55 an Radeon HD 6670. You should be able to play quite a lot of games at a moderate settings.
  7. And I dont have a bottleneck? And all together work good?
  8. His PC will not support HD 6670, which is a PCIE 2.1 card. He has PCIE 1.0 slot. Anyway, I'd suggest GT 430 for $50:

  9. I just found the model of my motherboard, I leave it here, thanks.

  10. GT 430 is indeed the best you can get.
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