GTX 570 Random loads!

Hi guys,

Recently My GTX 570 has been randomly jumping from no load to full! I've checked GPU-Z // MSI and they both say the card is at 98% . It's a really strange problem I've not been able to figure out, It doesn't do it all the time, completely out of the blue, I've checked programs / tasks ect to see if there are any programs causing this and there are none, each time it does this, I either have to roll back / foward the driver to get it back down or restart my computer, It's factory set // no O'C ect, Iv'e tried older drivers and I'm still not sure why it is doing it, also ran a Virus scan just to be on the safe side which came back 100% clean, I can also play intense games, hit its load, exit the game and it'd happily drop down to its idle load again so I know its not freezing when it does hit it, could any of you guys give me some insight on what could be going on? I'm happy to answer questions, thanks!
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  1. Hi,

    Is this happen when system is ideal or gaming? If it happen when gaming, then its all right.
  2. Thanks for the reply, nope - This happens Idle, I could be listening to youtube, watching a movie or just leave my computer alone and watch some TV and it'd shoot up and say the GPU load is at 98% , still extremely confused hehe.
  3. Is it full load for few second or continuously? You can try uninstall and reinstall video driver.
  4. It happens out of no where, continuously - I've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled ect, it drops but then would happen randomly during the day, I'd say it happens around 2 times a day.
  5. You watch blu-ray movie in that time or any graphic intensive work?

    Give a fresh installation of windows, that will help you.
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