Trying to decide if I should break the bank on the gpu or the cpu...

I'm looking to build my first gaming pc, and in the interest of saving money through future upgrades, I'd rather go all out on a gpu or cpu at the expense of the other, rather than do something more balanced. This way, in the next few years, I'll only need to upgrade one of them, as opposed to both. So which should I spend more money on? A graphics card or a processor? The graphics card is definitely easier to upgrade, making it tempting to skimp on it in favor of a better cpu, but then again, until I upgrade, a cheap gpu will cause the biggest decrease in performance.

Any thoughts as to what I should do?

Not looking for specific build help or particular part suggestions, just a general recommendation here.
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  1. Well, how much do you want to spend total? I would say the best choice is a good gpu.
  2. ^^ Yes...GPU
  3. Rule of thumb is to spend twice on the GPU that you do on the CPU.

    That being said...

    A high-end processor will be able to handle newer graphics cards for longer than a high-end video card will be able to game on max settings.

    Like you said, it's also a lot easier to upgrade a graphics card, and there's a MUCH larger market to sell used video cards to than used CPUs.
  4. It depends on what you had planned to buy anyway.
  5. We can't give you a suggestion until you tell us what you want to spend.
  6. lt_dan_zsu said:
    We can't give you a suggestion until you tell us what you want to spend.

    Up to a maximum of 900 dollars on newegg...
  7. Oh god, then don't bother breaking either.

    If that's for the CPU AND GPU, get an i5-3570k and either a GTX 670 or a 7950 HD.

    If it's for a full rig, put a post in the systems forums, following the outline, but with the addition that you'd like to have one or the other frontloaded.
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