Graphics card keeps working at full speed even i turn screen off?

Hey guys/gals,

Had my first built some days ago, I'm having a problem.

I have HIS HD 7850 2GB Card. and asrock extreme3 970 am3+ mobo with phenom II x4 965 processor.

For making the fans of the cpu and chassis rotate at lower rpm, i use asrock extreme tuner utility when i leave the computer just to download at night. However, there is no such option for the graphics card and it's a bit loud when rotating at full rpm.

So how do i turn the fan off or slow it down at night when only the cpu is working for downloading purposes?

Any input is highly appreciated.
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  1. You could use something like MSI Afterburner. In it, you can set an aftermarket fan curve, that adjusts the fan according to the temperature of the card. Thus, the higher the temperature of the card, the faster the fan spins.
  2. I think had it's own version of MSI After burner...

    u can use them to set the fan profile as your liking.... (I personally use MSI Afterburner)
  3. Is there something I can adjust without any 3rd party software to control it? I mean when the screen is off, the computer is idling, so why it's still running at full speed?

    Should i get a fan controller? Something like this?

  4. There is manual fan options in the Catalyst Control Center, under Performance and Overdrive.
    Though I dont know how good they are, I also use MSI Afterburner to control my GPU fans.

    Those fan controllers connect to case fans, not graphics cards. So if you have a ton of case fans getting one is worth it (love my NZXT Sentry Mix), but for this paticular problem it isnt going to solve the issue.
  5. It can adjust automatically as temp rise or down, U can set it if 40c = 20% fan speed, 60c = 40% fan speed, etc... (as your setting profile)

    As long as the apps is on it will keep running automatically (adjust the fan speed according the temp) even the monitor is turn off..

    As for fan controller, I'm not recommend for CPU and VGA since if temp rise too quickly the whole system can go down with it... (It good for case fan though)
  6. Well...those fan controllers are for case fans, not the fans on the GPU.

    There's nothing wrong with using third party software. You should be able to use the Catalyst Control Center to adjust it, but the CCC does not have a custom fan curve setting.

    I haven't used CCC though for a long time, because MSI Afterburner is a good software, and won't give you viruses or anything. You can actually use it to efficiently overclock the GPU.
  7. On other hand, had u check the card temp?

    the fan keeps running at 100% could indicate there cooler not working as it had to.....
  8. MSI Afterburner also check the card temperature....which is why it is an awesome tool :)
  9. Well, installed msi kombuster 2.4 if that's what you mean, after playing borderlands 2 for like an hour on ultra, and then i opened msi kombuster and it's showing 39 degrees celcius.

    Here's a pic:

    Btw i see no fan controller in that app?

    Also, I think i downloaded the latest driver from amd for the 7850 which is amd vision engine, now i went to HIS site and saw amd catalyst control center and currently downloading it which is 214mb.

    Thanks a lot for the support and help guys :D
  10. Kombuster is a stress test tool that can integrate with Afterburner. It doesnt have fan controls or the ability to overclock the card.

    MSI Afterburner download.
  11. Damn, it was not the 7850, after switching the fan of the 7850 to max on msi, then only i hear a little sound, the fan has been extremely quiet.

    SO I think it's either the corsair tx650 or the hdd or the plastic feet of the haf 912?
  12. So....the card on max fan isnt loud then....I'm confused here.
  13. I cannot see how plastic feet would be making fan sounds.

    How many case fans you have? What CPU HSF? Anything else?

    An HDD cannot match a fan in noise, unless it's a raptor or something.

    Also, a PSU has a fan, so check that one too.
  14. nidish7 said:
    Damn, it was not the 7850, after switching the fan of the 7850 to max on msi, then only i hear a little sound, the fan has been extremely quiet.

    SO I think it's either the corsair tx650 or the hdd or the plastic feet of the haf 912?

    LOL sorry couldn't pass it up, so you think Plastic feet might be making the noise? haha is your computer walking around at night?
  15. At least it's a good news that the card isn't the problems...
  16. I meant the vibration with the plastic feet on my table. It's not the HDD either.

    I have 2 x 200 mm and 1 x 120 mm fan.

    Deemo13, the graphics card itself wasn't maxed out. I thought it was, but it was running at normal speed.

    I have a hyper 212 evo

    I think it's the fan of the psu, any chance i could reduce it's speed so that it doesn;'t make noise?
  17. for cpu fan there a couple way to control it...

    - via bios
    - via motherboard utilities
    - 3rd party apps (like Hwmonitor, speedfan, etc...)
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