560GTX Fermi extremely low FPS

My 560GTX is having big issues maintaining FPS in every game I play, even ones that are over 5 years old. Afterburner's OSD shows about 7-12fps during every game and it's unplayable. I've only had this card for about 2 weeks and the latest update I downloaded was the day I installed the card, but the problems occurred today for no apparent reason.

My system:

Gigabyte 560GTX @ 830mhz (Latest Drivers: 301.42)
i5 760 @ 2.8ghz
Corsair 550VX PSU
8GB of Memory

It's not overheating AFAIK, the temperatures are stable, but the card is running at near 100% with fps like that.
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  1. what driver version you using.? what are the rest of your system specs? is your cpu over heating? could be a faulty card.
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