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Hi All!!
I want to purchase a video editing system for my son. He is asking for the Sony VAIO RX 580. In general I need some comments as to how good is this Sony system. In addition, if one had around $2,000 to spend on a video editing system - what would you recommend.

Here what I know about the Sony VAIO 580:

Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 1.80 GHz†
• 512 MB PC-133 SDRAM (expandable to 512 MB)
• 400 MHz Front Side Bus
• 80 GB†† Ultra ATA/100 hard drive
• DVD-RW Drive
• High-speed Internet ready with
10Base-T/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
• i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) chipset on motherboard1
• Front accessible i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) interface
and USB connections1
• 4X AGP 3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration
(nVIDIA® TNT2 M64)
• 32 MB Video Memory (SDRAM)
• Programmable VAIO Smart™ Keyboard
• V.90 compatible data/fax modem
• Wheel mouse
• External Stereo Speakers

Has anyone used this system? If so, is it good?

What other type set-up would be good?

Many Thanks in Advance

Memphis, TN
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  1. Of course, you could build a similar system for cheaper than the Vaio. Other than that it's not bad except for the RAM. You should be using RD or DDR RAM, and I doubt that the Vaio would let you upgrade to this.

    Also, you will have to consider how you're going to get the video into the PC? If you're using a DV camcorder then the firewire port is good enough. Otherwise if you're going from TV to PC or from VHS to PC you'll need a capture card. You'll also need editing software.

    Finally, are you aware that the DVD-RW drive will write DVD's, but that most stand alone set top DVD players will be unable to read them? Worse case scenerio is that you may not be able to play the DVD's you write on anything other that the drive that you burned them on. DVD-RW technology is still fairly new and there are still compatibility problems.

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  2. I will not use the sony and from several reasons -

    1. Hard to upgrade
    The case it property case for sony. If you want to add hard drives or a read video editing card you will have lot's of problems. Since you WILL want to do it at some stage - probably sooner then you think you better go with a computer in a more standard case.

    2. Sony tech support in not known as the best on the market. With video editing you want somthing with more genetic drivers and such then the sony property ones. (Or a very high priced work station)

    3. Price - at current prices Vs. Performances you better get somthing else.

    * My day job is building and fixing video editing work stations. More expensive but I know what I talk about.

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  3. Just built a video editing system for a friend that includes parts that are at least as good as the vaio, (including a GeForce3 ti200, IBM 60 GB 7200RPM, 512 DDR, etc.) as well as the Pinnacle DV500+ all for $2,100.00. You can build it for much cheaper than what Sony or Dell will. You're responsible for tech support.

    Let me know if you want the specs for the system and I'll email them to you.
  4. I got some doubts about all of this. First, if your son is into video editing, then why is he asking you to get a system? Surely he has some input on what a decent editing rig has! ASK HIM!
    It all depends on what he means by video editing. Mpeg capture and playback? Or capture and manipulate with Adobe Premiere?
    If its just burning dvds and what not, thats not video editing. SO be sure he really means "editing" and not just farting around with some mpegs and avi files. For serious editing that system wont come close to doing the job.

    1. The speed of the hard drive is EVERYTHING. That 80 gig ultra ata100 is ok, but what RPM does it have? Is it 5,400 or 7,200 or more? For video editing you need at LEAST a 7,200 rpm drive. 10,000 is better, but also more expensive.
    (mainly applies to video capture, not editing)

    2. pc-133 memory OH MY GOD! no way. you HAVE to get rambus and a motherboard that will support it. and at LEAST 512mb of memory ( recommend 1 gig)

    3. That nvidia tnt 2 is CRAP! lemme say again CRAP! Get a geforce 2 ultra or better. Such as any model of geforce3.

    Clearly you dont know about hardware or video editing so lemme explain some things.

    video editing - taking existing footage and manipulating it. Such as adding sounds, adding transistions between scenes.

    video capture - taking footage from recording source like a video camera or VCR and putting it on your computer. Once on your computer then you can edit it.

    If your son is just looking to edit, that system stinks. If he is looking to capture, then he is screwed. Just remember that the type of memory and the speed of the hard drive are VERY important. The 1.8 gig chip will work, and the 400mhz front side bus is good. Everything else sucks.
    Find a friend who knows computers and have them build it from the ground up. Buying an editing rig pre-built is not a good idea. Many manufacturers cut corners to save costs. The specs listed in your post are proof. They should be ashamed for calling that a video editing rig.
    He may be able to edit on it. But it take him all year to do it.
    Finally, if he does need to "capture" video, he needs a video capture card. Before I get into that, I need to know if he plans to capture or just edit. How serious is he about this? Cuz for a decent rig we are talking a fair amount of cash (unless ya build yourself)
    So please go find out EXACTLY what he does with his computer and get back to me. and DO NOT but that system ( at least not for editing)

    year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
  5. You got another problem.

    Let me make a few assumptions.

    You want to take video of a digital video camera (DV) and play around with it and burn it to a DVD eventually?


    You wanna do that you need software. I expect the software to do this will set you back $500-$1000 alone (for decent stuff to produce something that lives up to the standard of the camera).

    You could use a hardware capture solution - maybe $300, but I think you'll still get stuck needing extra stuff like DVDIt! and Adobe premiere.

    If you want to do, and just do video work, the best and most efficient platform will be a MacG4. Forget it if you want to play all your fancy games and such, but for straight video work, it'll be hard to beat bang for $.

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  6. What we are trying to say is that this sony is a Old crappy model and the fact that it have a DVD-R burner mean [-peep-].
    For this price you can get a much better computer.

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  7. If he really wants to capture and edit video then checkout the specs of some systems that are specifically designed and built for that purpose at It's in the UK so I'm not suggesting you buy from them but their website is very informative.

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  8. I'm interested in this but my dad can't help me!! I've just ordered a 733Mhz , 60Gb 7200 66 ata HD, 256 SDRAM, firewire & USB enabled, raid & SCSI permutations, DVD-R/CD-RW and an RTMac card(I might have given the game away!). Without sounding too smug,appearances can be deceptive and even though your sony present may be shiny and silvery(OK some macs are too!)it is just that; a wrought iron mutton of a computer dressed up as an alluminised spring lamb. I can't work out the exchange rate exactly but my system cost £1900 sterling about a month ago and it included premiere 6, and a DVD authouring package. Maybe the specs are looking dated in some ways but if you want an industry standard semi-pro editing suite to cover anologue and DV video capture that would drown the sony in the manchester ship canal then look no further. As is said in these parts, It does exactly what it says on the tin! Aren't these mine's better than yours !!
  9. Well said,
    Now if only you can turn this RTMac for a Pinnacle CinWave :D

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  10. OK so your system is never good enough you allways want more, it's human nature - I'll definitely check that out,CHEERS!!.........I was so happy!!.......maybe next year!..
  11. Hey,
    You do want to Capture and Edit HDTV in real time, Don't you ???

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