Crashing, sound looping, monitor turning off.

Right here's the deal, my computer is about three months old. Two days ago I downloaded Steam with L4D then I played it. It worked fine for the first night then this happened.

Half way through a game my monitor went black, displayed no signal, continues loop of the last note of sound but the weird thing is my computer stayed on. So I can only think that this is not a overheating issue as the computer would of just cut out right?

My rig: Intel Core i3 2120, Asus P8H61, 8GB Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance, AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB and a 600W Xigmatek.

Not the best of rig but should be able to run this game no problem, which it did for the first night.

I had a look over the temps and here are my results through Hardware Monitor, take note Hardware Monitor has a glitch with Asus motherboards that's why it says my CPU is running at 87 degrees, I know this for sure cause I can still touch it without my hands being burnt off, but here's the results:
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  1. Or, your steam is having issues.
  2. Thanks for the very in-depth reply on how to solve the issue.
  3. ok try this stuff
    1) Update bios(if possible)
    2) Clear Cmos, do this if you cant start or have messed with the bios (don’t forget to unplug the computer from the wall and let it sit for few minutes, if you don’t have a jumper than remove the battery make sure the computer is unplugged and let it for about10 minutes before putting the battery back in)
    3) Check your psu
    4) Make sure your computer is hooked up correctly
    5) Run memtest(if possible)
    6) Run Burnintest (if possible)
    7) If all else fails then try a gpu, Ram, or psu from another computer
    Hope this helped! :D
    it sounds like a mobo issue but run all of this and do it just to make sure
  4. Even if your power supply passes the paper-clip test that Panicmaster links to, I would still suspect it. I had very similar symptoms a while back and the cause was my graphics card not getting the required power from the power supply. I replaced my 450 watt Cooler Master power supply with a 500 watt Antec and my problems disappeared. However, I would probably invest in a power supply tester before scrapping your current PSU.

    -Wolf sends
  5. what else did Steam download with the game ? any new drivers ? or anything ?
  6. Hi

    +1 Wolfshadw on power supply

    also I would take resolution down (medium and then if it works fine go up a bit )

    and try to turn off mutli-processor (had problems with l4d on my e8400 back then)

    also check for overheating : cpu is running hot
  7. yep... the psu may be the problem because it is very wierd with the sound but also dont forget to update the bios that seems to help a lot of peoples issues
  8. The key for me from the OPs post, is the sound looping. When I was having my issues, my screen would either lock with the last image, lock completely garbled, or go completely black. Regardless of what the screen did, the sound was always looping.

    -Wolf sends
  9. i would eliminate the nvidia hdmi sound first.
  10. swifty_morgan said:
    i would eliminate the nvidia hdmi sound first.

    From the OP:

    My rig: Intel Core i3 2120, Asus P8H61, 8GB Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance, AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB and a 600W Xigmatek.

    So huh??? :heink:

    -Wolf sends
  11. okay smart @ss.............. the amd HDMI sound driver.
  12. LOL... You (should) know I respect your opinion! :sol:

    -Wolf sends
  13. ? what just happened?
  14. I think he's looking for a date ..... LOL-LOL......... :lol:
  15. [:panicmaster85:3] im confused! [:panicmaster85]
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