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alright so i just built a pc and my 7770 was defective. so i think im going to buy a better vga but im not sure which. i was thinking of a 7970 ghz, 7870 ghz or a xfire 6870 combo. i want the best results for around 300-400 dollars. im hoping my build will last at least 2 years at 1080p gaming on ultra. the 7970 is 470 but i would be will to chip out the extra 70 dollars if it is worth it. i thought a 6870 combo might be nice because there is 2 of them doing half the work but then again it will probably be buggier. my mobo has 1 pcie 3.0 and 1 pcie 2.0. what would you say. btw i am kind of a computer newb, so if i said anything stupid dont be too hard on me.

i5 3550
8gb 1600mhz ram
as rock z75 mobo
650w psu
those are the important parts, so what help can you guys offer
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  1. The 7970 (non GHz) is probably the best option IMHO. The card wil last you the longest before you need to upgrade and when upgrade time comes you can add a 2nd 7970.

    It is "preferred" to use a single high end card than multiple mid range cards.

    Yes 2x 7870s will probably perform better than the 7970, but you are pretty much stuck with no upgrade path.
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