What drivers to get with the Sapphire Vapor-X 7970?

Hey guys, I bought an HIS IceQ X2 7970 last week, but after numerous crashed I thought were attributed to the drivers while playing Dota2 on stock clocks, it finally gave up a final grey screen before refusing to display further. I'll be sending the card back to Newegg for a full refund, but after I receive said refund I plan to buy a Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X.

What drivers are the best to use with this card? Should I install the driver cd included with the card? Or what are the files I need to download now? I have completely uninstalled all ATI/AMD remnant on my computer using a combination of the regular Program Uninstall in Control Panel, Driver Sweeper, and this guide: I don't know much besides the fact that I have to install some version of Catalyst manager..
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  1. There are 4 drivers on that list, or at least 4 downloads and two different versions each; which are the ones I want to install?

    1. AMD Media Codec Package 12.8 or 12.6
    2. HydraVision Package 12.8 or 12.6
    3. AMD Catalyst Application Profiles 12.7 Cap 3 or 1
    4. Catalyst Software Suite 12.8 or 12.7 Beta or 12.6

    And will I have to install these beforehand or after I plug in the card and the monitor to the card? If the monitor doesn't display anything do I install from the integrated graphics first?

    Sorry about all the questions and thank you :)
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    sry#3 12.7 cap 3 and #4 12.8
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