Random Program Crashes and Mouse Lag

Hey there,

I built this computer around 4 months ago, and up until 2-3 weeks ago I had no problems at all. However recently, I've been experiencing random program crashes, and my mouse will lock up.

What I mean by this is any given program (the most common two are my Runescape client and my Mumble client) will all of a sudden freeze, the windows "this program has stopped working, would you like to close etc..." message will come up, and my mouse will be frozen for a few seconds, then it will start to laggily move along the path I told it to. On some occasions I will hear a beeping sound in my headphones as well. Most of the time I have have to tab down to "close this program" with my keyboard in order for my system to unlock.

I've since updated all my drivers but I'm still getting the program crashes.

It is not an overheating issue, as all my components stay under 45 degrees while gaming + recording with Fraps. My RAM and CPU usage levels are normal as well.


Intel Core i5-3450 @3.1GHz
EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
8GB Mushkin Memory
128GB Crucial M4 SSD
750GB WD Caviar Black
OCZ ModXStream 600W

If anyone has any possible solutions it would be much appreciated!
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  1. Have you set your RAM timings manually in BIOS?

    Have you checked your ram with memtest86?

    Have you updated the firmware for the m4 to latest?

    How old is the HDD? have you checked smart data for it?
  2. Quote:
    Have you set your RAM timings manually in BIOS?

    No I have not, should I?

    Have you checked your ram with memtest86?

    Yes but only for ~45mins. I've read that I should test each stick for at least 5 hours, so I'll do that tonight.

    Have you updated the firmware for the m4 to latest?

    I just did, thanks.

    How old is the HDD? have you checked smart data for it?

    It is only 4 months old, and it is only used for raw storage. Windows 7 is installed on the m4.

    be sure to also update your bios
    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/ [...] pdate-bios

    Just updated it from F4 to F13, thanks.


    Just did, and it passed.

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I'll get back to you later/tomorrow to let you know how everything went.
  3. so how is it working so far?
  4. also nice reply! really :D
  5. Well something has gone terribly wrong...

    After updating my crucial m4's firmware, I restarted my computer multiple times and everything was working fine. I decided to try some gaming to see if I could reproduce the program crash + mouse lag and sure enough it happened again :(

    That's not even the problem anymore now... so I restarted my computer one more time after the game crashes and after it POST'd, it stayed on the motherboard splashscreen for longer than usual, then instead of booting into windows, it gave me an error message "BOOTMGR is missing. Press crtl+alt+del to restart". I restarted, and same thing happened again. So I went into my BIOS and it turns out my SSD was no longer recognized, the only drive showing was my WD Caviar Black 750Gb HDD. After exiting the BIOS without saving, I restarted two more times and got the same BOOTMGR error. I then powered off the system completely, waited a minute or two, then powered back on and it booted into windows normally (albeit a lot slower than usual).

    So has this firmware update for my m4 somehow corrupted the SSD? I'm scared to turn off my computer again!
  6. ok sounds like hdd failer... if you have anyother drive then please try with that if not then just rma it because that happened to me with my caviar black and it was just some stupid thing no major issue because it only happens when i completely disconnect the power... but yeah that basically mean that if your drive/ssd can not read the os then its dead just get it rma'd most drives have at least 2-3 years waranty just because its not un heard of for it to die :/

    note- i dont think it corrupted your ssd but run driver error scan

    heres how

    start menu
    right click your drive
    tools tab

    it should come up clean but im not sure

    also if you think it did corrupt it then just download the old version you were using or not the newest bios just the second newest
  7. I must say, sorry for not being clear in my previous post, I didn't ask you to update firmware, I meant to ask whether you've updated the firmware prior to installing the OS on the drive.

    But anyways, since you've already done it, have you verified that the SSD firmware update actually worked?
    crucial have a note in their instructions that some UEFI motherboards won't let the drive update the firmware.

    With that said, it sounds like the drive is working fine is just it's not getting recognized by the BIOS all the time. Now, since you've also mentioned that you updated the board BIOS, it's hard to say which is actually causing the problem (ssd firmware or motherboard firmware).

    Try rebooting and/or cold booting a few more times, to see if the problem is repeatable.
  8. yep... try pulling the power(pull out of walll) for a half hour and see if it repeats its self
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