Installed a "New" GFX card, now black screen


I recently was given a Radion HD 5570 from a friend who upgraded his computer. I was running a Radion HD 4650 up untill this point. I installed the card, and left the previous one in so I could run extra monitors in the future. (No. 2 isn't enough. I've been horribly spoiled.)

After an extra long start up, the monitors finally came to life and a check of the AMD catalyst showed that both of my monitors were showing as running from the 4650 even though both monitors were plugged into the 5570. I then tried to install a new version of the catalyst for the 5570. Part way through the process, I black screened and after 15 minutes, I restarted. I'm still getting a black screen. I've tried removing the 4650, starting it with both cards, and starting it with just the 4650.

I'm running a 750 watt PSU so I'm pretty sure the issue isn't with that.

At this point I'm very unsure of what to do.

Thank you for whatever you can come up with.
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  1. You wiil not be able to run both cards simultaneously; they are a generation apart and cannot be Crossfired. Unless there is some weird hybrid setup which I would not recommend.

    Disconnect one card and try booting in safe mode.
  2. Booting in safe mode by spamming F8? I can't see the monitor for prompts or anything so I THINK that is how to do it. I've been lucky enough to not have to boot in safe mode on this machine in a long while.

    I wasn't trying to Crossfire them, more like have a separate card for less intensive stuff on other monitors. Anyways, I'll give it a shot. Thank you for your reply, I'll let you know how it works.
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