Monitor sleeping when playing Diablo 3

I have a Diablo 3 installed:
My video card is low performance card but a minimum reqt for diablo 3: NVIDIA GEFORCE GT610
running on 1600X900 resolution

After 5 to 10 minutes of play it sleeps while computer is running.I dont know how to resolve it.Please help!

Vandolf, Philippines
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  1. The GT610 is probably overheating?
  2. Is that really the case? Then what will be the remedy on this problem? I just dont get it why the Diablo 3 does this.
  3. Just download and check the temps while playing.
  4. Thank you for the assistance..But, i just don't know how to read it or how i can determine that overheating is really the problem. Can you point out what will be my basis in reading that it sleeps. thank you so much i appreciate it. Hope it helps
  5. To check for overheating:

    1. Download Prime95, FurMark and HWMonitor.


    2. Run HWMonitor. Then run Prime95, and when it launches select In-Place Large FFTs. Lastly, run FurMark and select burn in test.

    3. Now, look at HWMonitor. You should see your processor temperatures and your graphics card temperatures (and some more). Watch them closely climb for 5 mins. In that time, they will have reached their maximums. Report the temps back.
  6. I have a maximum 91 degrees temperature of GPU using the techpowerup that noidea shared. Is that really the cause of the sleep mode on monitor??
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    Sounds like! The GPU should switch off at that temp. Check that the fan on the card is spinning and that nothing is blocking the airflow.
  8. Do you have that temperature when you're on desktop and not playing anything? If so, you've found your problem...
  9. The problem was already solve. I brought it to a technician and saw that the problem was in the Video card it heated because the wire touches the fan. Now, I finished playing Diablo 3. Planning to move more difficulties. Thank you guys!
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