Will using HDMI through graphics card...

Will using HDMI from my gpu to my surround sound cause lag? This is what I am going to do. GPU>Surround sound>TV, at the moment I have it like this GPU>TV. So what I am asking is how much extra ms of lag with it add?

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  1. It depends on the receiver, but lag shouldn't be noticeable. Some receivers allow you to adjust sound delay in on-screen menus.
  2. I run one of my monitors thru a home receiver (onkyo) and dont see any noticeable lag at all. Previously I had one of my 3 monitors in my EyeFinity setup run this way but since adding a 4th screen I have the 4th screen running from the receiver then use the receiver for switching between 3 desktops (main, linux server, windows server)
  3. Alright thanks, do you not like having to have the receiver on all the time though? Like if i just want to use my PC with just the TV speakers I have to have the whole lot on.
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