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Building a 1500 Dollar gaming setup, MAX. Currently have this:
Is that good for the money? (going to SLI the 670, buy a 256gb SSD, and buy BLUE LED strips later on, thus the 850w psu, want some breathing room) that link is apparently acting weird so if it doesn't work, sorry, I'll write out my parts manually. Not going to put the whole "How to ask for build/upgrade advice" list because I just need a compatibility check. Mainly: is that case good, and will the 670 FTW fit in that case
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  1. Looks fine, it should all fit.

    The one thing though is how good you want the computer to look. If you don't give a crap about how it looks and just want performance, go with what you have.

    If you care about matching and all, you might want different fans. My friend has the 410 with some CoolerMaster LED fans, and they don't match the NZXT ones that came with the case.

    Other than that it looks fine.
  2. If that's the case I'll remove the default case fans and buy 2 more CM fans. thanks !
  3. Sure.
  4. All looks fine to me enjoy!
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