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I just started playing GW2 on my 8800gt 512 and im wondering what the community would suggest for a $200 card in November around black friday. the new GK106 is what im thinking about. My computer specs are Q6600 B3 and a corsair TX650.
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  1. well its going to be hard to for see the prices come november but as of right now the best bang for your buck at that price range is a 7850

    here is a good card. wouldnt be surprised if the prices come down a little by then but you never know
  2. I was going to help you and type something, but I realized it would have been exactly what drums101 said.

    Beat me to the punch again!
  3. haha thats my goal deemo just to beat you to answering everyones questions! ;)

    you know what they say great minds think alike lol
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