Power supply For Saphire HD 5450

I am Willing To buy Sapphire Hd 5450 For gaming,
I Have SMPS Of Foll Specs:-
Input Voltage Range - 180V to 264V AC
Input Frequency - 47Hz to 63Hz.
Can The Smps Satisfy the Power supply needs??
Will the card Need Another SMPS(power Supply Unit)?
Will It require A power Supply Connection From the SMPS i.e. via Power supply cable,since some videos on Youtube said The power supply is optional

My PC Specs Are:-
AMD sempron 2.71 Ghz
2 gb ram
giga byte m61pme-s2p

Please Help :(
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  1. 5450 for gaming? it's too weak :/
  2. @mrworldwide; you have only specified the input units of SMPS. the output values are actually needed. ie the rating in watts of the SMPS. check its manual. Anyway, I'm guessing your PSU's rating is atleast 250W(The PSUs come within the case are of 250W or higher in general). And, to run your card, no separate power connectors are needed. the card will draw power from the PCI slot.
  3. 5450 wont need any better psu than you currently have. however it is a very weak card unfit for gaming. you should get 5670 or 6670 atleast for decent gaming performance. though whether those will run on your psu is doubtful.
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