PNY 660 Ti Overclocking Advice?

I wanted to overclock my 660 Ti, and I was wondering about some of the options in my overclocking tool, MSI Afterburner. The last time I tried to overclock something was back when the 9800 GT came out, so I'm really clueless at this point. Here are the options that I can change:
Core Voltage
Power Limit
Core Clock
Memory Clock

So my knowledge of overclocking GPUs is basically that I want to increase the clocks, go figure. I assume putting more voltage into it will let me get a higher clock, but make the card hotter? And what's the "power limit" do? Is it dangerous to max out the voltage in Afterburner? What's the max operating temp for a PNY 660 Ti?
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  1. yea i wouldnt max out the voltage in afterburner unless you know what you are doing fully...I wouldnt even mess with the voltage for that matter. its not much different from OC'ing a 9800gt the same basic principles are still there...core clock shader clock and memory clock all you can adjust up little bits at a time until you become unstable....

    as far as the power limit goes thats new to kepler based cards take a look at this article on the 680 it explains it pretty well,3161.html
  2. Nothing bad can happen if I go slightly over a stable clock, right? I'll just have to put the clock back to the stable number?
  3. wont do any damage if you are only a few mhz over a stable clock as long as you put it down back to stable and not run it like that for months haha
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    Here are a couple other overclocking guides. One uses EVGA Precision, but it is exactly the same on Afterburner. In a way, you're lucky the GTX 660 Ti and other Kepler cards will overclock themselves and set their own voltage, so you can't really hurt them with a bad overclock.

    Essentially, you set the power limit to maximum, then work with the core and memory sliders to gradually increase speeds. Check out reviews for conservative overclocks on a reference model GTX 660 Ti and target those clocks. Test each time with Afterburner running in the background and keep pushing upward until you experience problems. At that point, back down on the OC, set it as a profile, and leave it at that.
  5. Will do, thanks!
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