Sapphire 7970 Ghz Vapor-X in old system

OK so i decided that i am gonna build a new system as my rig is now using a zimmer frame to get by (the old ati X1900XT is toast basically).

So because i cant afford to get the whole thing in one go i decide to get a new graphics card and then in a few months when i have saved the money i will be getting an i7 new motherboard 32Gb am etc etc etc

Anyways so I got the card and when i installed it and turn on my rig all i got was spinning fans and lit LEDs, nothing from my monitor and no post beep.

here is my rig

CoolerMaster Real Power M700 PSU
Intel Core2 Quad Q8200@2.33Ghz (stock)
Crucial 6Gb 800Mhz DDR2
Creative X-fi Titanium
750Gb HDD

So originally i thought that it was my power supply but looking up the minimum psu required for the 7970 it should be easily powerful enough.

Any ideas?


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  1. Check if you are getting display with the onboard graphics with graphics card disconnected(i think you already checked it). If yes then the problem can be with the power connectors to GPU from PSU, the PCIE slot and even the GPU itself. Check if your GPU can give display in other PC.
  2. Thanks for the reply, there is no onboard with this particular board but i have fixed the problem anyway, thanks to one of the other threads, i just cleared the cmos and it booted.

    cant wait to give this beauty a thrashing and then even more so once i get my new processor motherboard and ram :D
  3. You might want to look into overclocking your CPU to get the most from that beast of a graphics card. Otherwise its most likely going to hold it back in most games.
  4. c2q @ 2.33 GHz? you will face serious bottlenecks depending on the game(s).
    get a new cpu and motherboard,a 2500k/3570k with a z68/z77 is the best setup for gaming.
    or overclock your cpu.
  5. First up you do not need more than 8GM ram.More ram does NOT boost performance.

    What you need to do is overclock your CPU.At 2.33 GHZ it's going to bottleneck pretty badly.
    According to this article you should be able to overclock your CPU to around 3.3GHz with a good cooler of course.
    I think you should buy a good water cooler like this one.
    And overclock your CPU to at least 3 GHZ.

    After you've done that you can buy whatever single-gpu graphics card you like and not worry about bottlenecking.This doesnt mean that no bottlenecking will occur.It just means you'll be getting at least 80% of the cards potential FPS.

    And this is the HD 7970 i reccomend.
    It's the non ghz version which means that it doesnt have the throttling down issue.It's also clocked very high which means they use high binned chips and it also has a very good cooler.
  6. well i will do a little overclocking but my ram sucks so can only do so much and dont want to spend £££ on a new cooler and ram when it all needs upgrading anyway.

    in 3-6 months or so will be buying a i7 3930k and asus extreme x79 mobo thought about getting a z77 set up which is cheaper but seeing as the ivybridge-e chips that will be out q3 2013 will be socket 2011 seems more worth while to go down that route than z77.

    Thanks for the input though guys its much appreciated, just dont have any more cash to do anything right now :(
  7. 1155 = best gaming platform.
  8. really? so in a series of benchmarks 3770k out performs 3930k?
  9. 2011 = Best Gaming Platform

    1155 = Best Price/Performance Compromise

    I mean LGA 2011 comes with 3 to 4 16x (full speed) PCIe 3.0 slots. When gaming... this is the best possible setup.
  10. 3930k=$500+,performance gain over a 3570k=negligible in 98% cases:
  11. ElMoIsEviL said:
    2011 = Best Gaming Platform

    1155 = Best Price/Performance Compromise

    I mean LGA 2011 comes with 3 to 4 16x (full speed) PCIe 3.0 slots. When gaming... this is the best possible setup.

    not really-

    but 3930k pulls ahead when running quad gpu configrutions.
  12. hmmm yeah i see what you mean, shame the 3770k doesnt have a quad channel memory controller though
  13. why do you even need quad channel memory? for daily usage(and gaming)8GB is enough and i see no point of getting a $500+ cpu and 64GB of ram for gaming.
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