Building a budget pc for proffesional and gaming purposes (<$1000)

I'm shopping for parts for a pc, and i have some basic parameters i need, could use some help picking parts.
I need it for school, and to play the occasional game on, but also to be able to run high end programming and design applications, since that is part of my job.
this is what i have so far, minus a motherboard.
Id like to find one that has bluetooth, wifi, and perhaps even thunderbolt.
Maybe you guys can come up with a good motherboard, maybe even a build, maybe not.
Id like to have some money leftover to buy a nice keyboard and a drawing tablet. I have a monitor already.
anyways thanks for the help.
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  1. Yea I looked at you're build.. cpu is perfect.
    -Coolmaster evi is superb cooler if you are only a very casual OCer.. otherwise if you plan on overclocking alot you need to get the d14 noctura air cooler. it is 100$.

    -Good choice of ram, (8GB is max for gaming) make sure you get CAS 9 and 1.5v 1600.

    -Western Digital Black Is an awesome HDD. MAKE SURE you purchase all you're Hdd's and SSD's from amazon and NOT newegg. They take much better care of those products for some reason and newegg does not.

    -Now you only have a 1000$ dollars but i would highly reccomend that you do not get that graphics card and go with an EVGA gtx 670 2GB GPU. But if you are concerned about the future and possible failures, EVGA offers better RMA options should something go wrong beyond 30 days. Trust me this is the card you want.

    Now with the motherboard you want is this bad boy right here. my needs are the same as yours and you're build lookd close to mine. so i will suggest this mobo it is awesome. With this motherboard you get Thunderbolt wifi and bluetooth. things you should know about asus.
    #1 Mobo selling company in the world and there approach when designing there boards is being user friendly they also have a fan control program that comes with the board only on asus boards is a "fan control center" so all the fans hooked up to your mobo have the BEST option as far as fan controllers go. it is awesome.
  2. Oh sorry also another edit. G.Skill Ripjaws X, about the largest RAM that will fit with the NH-D14. the high-profile vengeance RAM will not fit with the NH-D14 and many other after market cpu coolers are less compatible with ram with big heatsinks
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