Best GPU for Skyrim? 670, 680, 7970?

could even go 690 but think that's not worth the price ratio at the moment. i know i wanna use lots of texture mods so i already bought an EVGA superclocked 4gb 670, but now i'm reading that after the latest 12.7 drivers, the 7970 3gb (or even 7950) might do a better job plus it has a higher memory bus (whatever that is lol). may go dual cards in the future, but i hear a single card works best for skyrim. i'll be playing on am hdtv 1080p, but will use higher resolutions later on.

so what's your opinion on the best card for this game? thanks
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  1. If you already have a 4GB 670, you should just use that. It's more than enough GPU horsepower to handle skyrim.

    There's no reason to go dual cards for Skyrim - it's massively CPU limited and doesn't need multiple GPUs to play it until you get to triple screen resolutions. The 690 would have been a total waste of money as would a second 670.

    The 7970 would probably have been a bit better, but since you already have your new card it would be a waste of time to bother switching it already.
  2. For 1080p Skyrim, what you already have is massively overkill.
    If anything I would get a refund and purchase a lower end card and invest the money in an SSD or something.
    Crossfire/SLI in general is not needed until you start adding more screens. If you are needing to Crossfire/SLI to maintain decent 1080p performance, you are better off just replacing the card you have instead of getting another.
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