Hd 6670 graphics, Driver Install problem and now worse.

Hi there,

My first post. I hope some can help me here.

I have an Asus P5QL- E Motherboard which ran an Nvidia Geforce 7950GX2 with no problems.
I installed a new ASUS HD 6670 knowing that the card would or (Should) work maybe bottlenecked at PCE -16 2.0.

I removed the nvidia drives. The card was installed and a standard monitor was used to install the driver software via the VGA port - no signal was received via the DVI port.
Anyway the supplied driver disc was inserted and booted up, simply using the Asus menu, the driver installation failed, no error mgs, nor codes, just frozen Windows 7x64 professional. Tried the older device manager way still no luck. The windows installation was rather newish - no Antivirus software installed etc.

As I know the Asus board is knocking on a bit age wise, the primary use of the new card was for smoother Blu-ray playback as I have a Blu-ray reader.

Now I suspected problems maybe with PCI e volatage or wattage, all the stuff in the Bios (Which is latest) are set to AUTO. The power supply is a Thermaltake branded 750w. The CPU is a dualcore T6600. Mem 4 GB.

I decided to change PCI-E Spectrum from AUTO to Disabled, since doin that, Windows 7 won't load now and even trying to re-install 7 an error code of "0xc0000225" is displayed. The disk drives are in a JBOD non raid config.

If any person who is familiar with the Asus board bios settings or has any idea, please help me out as I am at a loss here, perhaps the card is not compatible, despite the Person in the shop saying it would work no problem?

Thanks for reading.
Thom (Ireland)
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  1. Hey there.

    Could you try inserting your old card again to make sure none of your hardware is damaged?
  2. Hi,

    Thanks 4 getting back to me, will try that now.
  3. The original back in, DVI port on this works (This card needs a power connector which the PSU has, the asus is low powered.

    Anyway can see bios with the old card, windows won't install error code 0xc0000225

    I hope that single change has not damaged my drves - the drives are recognized by the bios, a very fast screen pops up saying no drives detected - half a second. The onboard Ctrl+I for disc config see's the drives.
  4. I'd suggest resetting CMOS. Turn off the computer power, take the power plug out. Open up the PC, and take the CMOS battery out. Hold it outside of the PC for 2 minutes, then put it back in, put the power back on and power up the PC. Check if it fixed it.
  5. Ok,

    Thanks, will try that. Just loaded a Pargon boot disk and can see the system disk. Problems with re-installing windows were the furthest from my mind from initially having the driver problem.

    The HD 6670 should work on the board? I am not a gamer, the use of the card was for more Multimedia purposes. I mean with the 750w PSU?
  6. Yes it supports it. It needs at least 250 watt power supply unit, so you're good with that as well.
  7. Hi again,

    Ok, I reset the cmos, the system defaulted to IDE, windows started but was no use, obviously maybe legacy bits of the original ATI drivers from the first time around, slow almost crashed like Windows performance. Changed Bios disk config to back to Raid, like it always ran, the JBOD config, simply shows in the asus disk utility. Still very slow Windows performance.

    I have again put back in the 6670 and am just installing windows 7 x64 now. so far so good,
    so when installed, hopefully the ATI drivers install!!
    I'll post back.
  8. Okay :).
  9. Update.

    Yes the installation of drivers was successful! It was strange just to make a change to the PCI E spectrum from auto to disabled made my boot disk go funny.

    Anyway, no data lost and the previous 7 SP1 install had only a few things like MS Updates, VLC and the coreavc codec installed, as I removed totally the previous Nvidia drivers I'm still at a loss why installation failed first time around.

    So finally Sunius, thanks very much for your advice.

  10. Actually I found myself chipping away a small chunk of the plastic from my HDMI cable in order for the cable connected to my TV to fit in the HDMI port, while I am using the VGA also I cannot get the DVI / VGA adapter to function as of yet, worked no prob on the previous Nvidia card which had DVI Ports exclusively.
  11. This card is only able to output one VGA signal at a time, be it VGA port or DVI-VGA adapter. You can't use them simultaneously.
  12. Sunius said:
    This card is only able to output one VGA signal at a time, be it VGA port or DVI-VGA adapter. You can't use them simultaneously.

    Ok, Thanks for the Update. All seems to be well now.

  13. Glad I helped ;).
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