Really low FPS please help!

Oh and i've overclocked my CPU by about 30%
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  1. Hello guys!
    Im Currently running
    I7 2600k 3.4Ghz
    Asus P8Z68-V
    ROG 580 matrix
    8Gb (2x4) Corsair 1600 RAM
    Zalman Z11 Plus
    2 x Western digital 1Tb

    Now the problems, Playing Just cause 2 is runs at around 15 fps on the lowest settings, World of Warcraft around 30 on the lowest setting, (my old pc with 512mb graphics ran it better than this pc) Basically this graphics are was meant to run ANYTHING that was shot at it on Ultra+ settings ESPECIALLY WoW is lacking greatly and i now have no idea why, Bios is totally up to date, every driver is totally up to date. I now think this its hardware and something conflicting.

    This is a brand new build, about 4 month old and has had this problem since the beginning any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Revert the CPU and check if it's fixed. Bad Overclock very often results in highly degraded performance.

    If it's still lagging after that, I'll take a closer look!
  3. Thank you so much for the response, I'll do that right now!
  4. Ok thats done, on wow (lowest)30-40fps (Ultra) is 4-8fps on Just cause (lowest) 20-27fps (Ultra) around 3-7fps
  5. Okay, we've crossed out one of candidates.

    Could you open up the PC and confirm whether two power connectors are connected to your graphics card directly from your power supply unit?
  6. Do you have another game to test? Or a benchmark? Your 580 should eat WoW and Just Cause.

    Also, what resolution do you game at? Are you sure your card isn't over heating? Download GPU-Z to verify temps are within reason.

    For reference, I use a GTX 460 at 1080p on Ultra and get 60+ FPS, 35-50 in raids...

    Also try re-seating the card and blowing any dust out of the GPU fan.

    let me know how that works.

    A few more things to try is to use non windowed mode, make sure its on DX11, and see if you are using 64 bit client of WoW.
  7. yup had to buy a totally brand new power supply, its got 2 green onlights meaning its got full power. Another thing too my motherboard has build on graphics, do i need to disable it to make my actually GPU work ?

    Thanks again
  8. ^

    It's brand new, there won't be any dust. Shouldn't overheat either, not instantly.

    Did you connect the monitor to the GRAPHICS CARD instead of your motherboard? If you didn't, there's your issue!
  9. And yup its connected to the graphics card not the motherboard ;p
  10. Dirt 3 and portal 2 and Day-z all run at lowest setting just for me to play them the res is at 1440x 900 reccomended for my screen

    At the moment the temps are;
    GPU 35c
    RAM 38c
    Mobo 33
    PSU 32

    Just downloaded it then

    Thanks alot for the help i'll take alook see if its seated right now
    Thanks again! really really appreicate it
  11. One question about the WoW part. Are you in a heavily populated city or a starter area? Keep in mind that WoW is heavily CPU dependent, not so much with the GPU.

    Also make sure that vertical sync and triple buffering are off. If you could send a screenshot of where you are with the low fps and with the video settings that might help.

    And try using the 64 bit client, it increased my FPS some.

    EDIT: reload the drivers with the clean install option enabled under Custom.. hope that helps.
  12. Hows your GPU usage looking? Could you post a screenshot of MSI afterburner running?
  13. how on gods earth do i post pictures :(
  14. I'd go with clean install of drivers just to make sure everything is right you should be able to easily play both of those games at a constant 60fps or higher. My old gtx 260 smoked those games, definitely something is off post a screen cap of msi afterburner of gpu usage.
  15. Just upload it to an image hosting site and copy/paste the link
  16. A pic of MSI afterburner while your in game would be far more useful
  17. just to let you all know this fluxuates, on wow now i'm runnin at near 100fps on ultra ( just restarted my pc if thats got anythnig to do with it)
  18. Check temperatures. At first you didn't mention it fluctuates. I suspect overheating. Use HWMonitor!
  19. Thats more like it.... is it staying there now or is it still dropping?
  20. It sounds like its switching between onboard and dedicated. 39c is idle temps

    Please post a screenshot of Afterburner itll tell us all the important details....

    Drivers, if its connected, gpu usage etc...
  21. its running at a cool 39c could it be too cold ?

    This is MSI with WoW in the background
  23. That's MSI Kombustor, not afterburner.
  24. ah *** sorry, downloading it now!
  25. got one from my own asus GPU tweak getting a MSI afterburner one now
  26. Really wasnt sure what you wanted me to take a shot of so i did my best haha
  27. Is that with WoW running?
  28. Very strange..... Your drivers seem good, although there may be others on your computer conflicting with it.

    On GPU tweak it says your over volted... Are those settings applied?

    Dont understand why your fan speed isnt showing up on Afterburner....

    The results in MSI Kombustor are equally confusing.....

    Nice background though :)
  29. i reverted absolutely everything at the beginning of this post so thats just how it is, the fan speed is on auto/20% i know that much ive played around with the speed alot but keep it neutral on my gpu its got a load detector that changes colour, and as i was posting this its went dark purple which is like mid/high load, I only have google chrome open(this and youtube) and wow which is currently running at 62 fps
  30. and ye VW passat 1980 estate always wanted one :( I will own one, one day haha
  31. Xbvalor said:
    and ye VW passat 1980 estate always wanted one :( I will own one, one day haha

    Nice car....used to be one parked round the corner from my house, had a mk2 golf and a mk1 caddy in the past.... holding out for a squareback at the moment.....

    Anyways back to topic :)......

    I think your issue may be software related..... What is your core clock speed in afterburner while getting decent frames in wow? and how often do the drops occur?
  32. Running at 84 fps on wow and its at 405 mhz, Do you know anything that could be conflicting with a Gtx graphics card ? i tried to go everything asus so this wouldnt happen haha
  33. Did you have any other video cards installed before?

    Either way run driver sweeper and get rid of any leftovers and reinstall your drivers again, Check all your Bios settings or clear CMOS if you don't know what your looking for.

    If that doesnt help then start thinking about programs or utilities.

    Also double check all your Power connections.
  34. nope this is the only one, the motherboard is second hand could that have anything to do with it ?
  35. I doubt it, do what I said in the previous post and see what happens.....

    And use the ASUS drivers for your card too...
  36. Right okie that simple enough, I'll be straight back here after its all done!

    Thank you soo much for the help, always nice to be helped by a VW enthusiast!
  37. Xbvalor said:
    Running at 84 fps on wow and its at 405 mhz, Do you know anything that could be conflicting with a Gtx graphics card ? i tried to go everything asus so this wouldnt happen haha

    When you alt tab out to your desktop the cards frequencies will drop, thats normal.

    From the looks of things you have a driver issue or some software issue. Again the game is CPU limited, and your overclock may be a problem. Try resetting the CPU to stock then testing, then overclock the CPU and stress test with prime95.

    I just reset my i7 to stock then OC'd, and now get a core failing a test after 3 tests, so something went wrong there. have to dive into that more.

    WoW is just one of those weird games where having more CPU muscle helps with the smoothness of the game, although a powerful GPU makes it look good(for an mmo) with all the eye candy maxed out.

    EDIT: Do try the clean install option.. download the latest driver again and hit custom instead of express and hit clean install. Then uninstall any Overclocking software you might have, LIKE asus gamerOSD, or any other ASUS utilities for your GPU.
  38. Xbvalor said:
    What drivers are you talking about the GPU drivers ?

    yes. reinstall with clean install option.
  39. What drivers are you talking about the GPU drivers ?
  40. Does it matter about uninstalling them ? :o
  41. Sorry had to pop out there, yes uninstall your GPU drivers.

    This is to rule out any conflicts, if that doesnt work, reset your CMOS, shouldnt take that long to do.....
  42. Right that is all done CMOS, Drivers everything

    Its abit better but its fluxuating even worse now, Just cause was running at about 60fps on ultra and wow was running at about 50fps cancelled them off reopened them and there back down to lower than 10 fps :(
  43. yup restart my pc the second its on load the game and it runs unbelievably, exit it, load it back up it drops
  44. So lets get this right, if you were to restart your computer and play a game it would be fine?

    Then if you exit and restart the game it drops to around 10fps?
  45. when i did the CMOS and drivers i loaded wow up to see if it was all good, it ran at 100fps on ultra with no stutters or anything, loaded Just cause 2 up ran also at about 60 fps on ultra+ exit them both and they both drop down to 10-17 fps
  46. hmm... that is very strange, I have never seen anything like that before...

    Tbh im running out of ideas... you may have to contact ASUS to see if they have witnessed anything like that.

    Did you use software to do any of the overclocking to your CPU? or was it through the BIOS?

    Apart from that did you notice the temps when you were getting good frames on JC2?
  47. I overclocked my CPU using something called AI Suite really easy, overclocked my memory through BIOS and for some bizzare reason it doesnt let me overclock my GPU through software and i have no idea how to do it through BIOS :( The Asus P8Z68-V motherboard is a very strange one, even tho i have 1600Mhz RAM it downgrades it to 1333mhz
  48. I have seen issues with AI suite before can you uninstall it to see if it helps?

    You overclock the GPU with Afterburner or GPU Tweak but leave them alone until the problem gets sorted.

    You should always overclock your CPU through the bios.

    Let me know how it goes after uninstalling AI suite
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