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Hi all I've got a question. Should I install the graphics card drivers that came with the disc? Or should I download the latest drivers of my card from Nvidia or MSI website? Is there a difference between the two drivers? Thanks everyone :)
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  1. Bin the disc..... They're usually out of date!

    Always download..... Takes 2 seconds, probably quicker than putting the disc in manually
  2. The NVIDIA website will have the most current driver version along with Beta driver versions, if you're adventurous.

    MSI doesn't create the driver. It is created and maintained by NVIDIA and provided to MSI. If you're talking about the utilities, like MSI Afterburner or MSI Kombustor, on the CD/DVD then those are customized for MSI.

    The CD/DVD, that comes with the card, will only have the driver version that was available when the CD contents were created.
  3. The disc is mainly for people who do not have access to the internet for some reason.

    Seeing as you are on the internet making posts on this forum, I would download the latest drivers, as usually they perform better.
  4. Ok thanks guys for your replies.
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