Problem with my Internet and I can't fix it

I hope this is in the right place but I've been having alot of trouble with my internet and I don't know if it has something to do with my computer or the internet/ISP. First let me give you my house setup and ISP information. In my house we have a "computer room" with three computers hardwired to the internet. My dads Compaq he uses for work, a HP for home use and my gaming computer. We also have 3 laptops my sisters use and they are wireless. Also it doesn't matter wheather the wireless is on or off this problem continues even when the wireless isn't on. We have Verizon DSL for an ISP and it seems recently the internet has just been so slow. It constantly takes forever to load a website and it constantly loses the internet conection especially when more then one person is on the internet or if my dad is using the fax machine. Also when I play my games in multiplayer like COD and other FPS games my ping is insanly high. I play on servers mostly on the East Coast and most are in NJ, NY, MD, and VA. I use to and should be getting a ping of around 40-50 however I am now getting pings as high as some Euro players like 115,120,or 130+ making all FPS games impossible to play. For the internet connection being slow and dropping the connection this seems to be a probem on all the computer. As for the gaming problem I have no other way of testing it because my new build is the only computer used for gaming so I can't test other sources to see it's a consistant problem. So what do you guys think, do you think its a problem with my internet connection/ISP? Or do you think there's something wrong with my new computer like a bad lan port or bad lan drivers? I hope someone on here can help me because its so frustating to have a brand new, 1000+ dollar home built gaming PC and not be able to use it to its fullest potential. Its like having a high-end computer and using dial up internet thats how slow it is.
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  1. Firstly, lol @ 100+ ping ruining games. I wish I got those pings.

    Secondly, if the internet dies when more than one person connects then it could be an issue with your modem/router. What model/brand is it?

    Try turning your modem off for a few minutes then turning it back on. This will force it to re-sync with the rim, hopefully giving you the best connection speed.
    You could also call your ISP and ask them to reset your port, that occasionally fixes connection issues that I have with DSL (in Australia)
  2. 100 is still playable its when I get 120, 130 or 212 ping is when it becomes impossible to play. We did the reset a number of times and it hasn't really done anything. As for verizon they've been pretty useless too. I was talking to my dad and he's now thinking of switching to FIOS (fiber optic) lines. Maybe starting over with new fiber optic lines and a new router will get rid of the problem.
  3. Most likely will, as it doesn't sound like it's an issue with the computers.
    That said, a new modem might fix it too. Though useless ISPs are evil, and getting away from them is a good idea!
  4. I would tend to agree, if you get connection problems on more than one of the PC's then that should rule out your gaming rig as being the problem. As far as Verizond DSL..... :fou:
    My mom had that in PA and when she first moved to NJ. I had calls from her at least once every few months about internet issues. I personally do not think they are that good.

    But that being said i still had a connection when i was there (even though much slower than my home cable connection) that was capable of playing Xbox Live FPS games. And she had one of the lower tier packages.

    Some things you can do:
    1. Call the ISP and make them replace the modem if none of their "trobleshooting" seems to be able to fix the problem
    2. You can try updating the firmware on the router. But be aware that if you have any connection issues while doing this and the update cannot complete your router is toast.
    3. If the ISP refuses you could buy a new modem. I got a cheap Actiontec DSL modem from Best Buy for my mom and it works just fine. Not the best but it was cheap. Your ISP could tell you which brands will work with their service.
    But to be honest if they refused to replace equipment to solve your issue and give you the internet you are paying for i would drop them. I have a friend in PA with FIOS and he loves it.
  5. At this point forget getting a new router or any of that stuff. Yesterday Verizon came to install the fiberoptic line outside and that was done they also had to lay co-axial cable inside. They weren't able to do that though because "it would be to much cutting and patching on the walls and ceiling." So now pissed of and tired of thier BS I layed the co-axial cable myself last night and Verizon is coming back on Monday to do the final hookup. Hopefully after all that we can have a fast internet that won't drop the connection every five minutes.
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