Unidentified Network error on a working network

Hello there; My windows 7 computer was connected to my home's wireless network yesterday perfectly normally. I drove last night to my mother's house and proceeded to connect to her own wifi router wirelessly. Although my sister's computer that's on windows 7 connects ably, and both our iPhones connect, my computer will not. My computer finds the network( it is unsecured without a password if that makes a difference ) connects, receives an ipv4 address in ipconfig, yet does not obtain Internet access. It labels the network as an "unidentified network". If you do know how to fix this problem, please let me know; I will be forever in your debt.
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  1. is MAC filtering enabled on the router?
  2. Not sure any easy way to check? Looked at my router page and I couldn't find much
    Linked iPhone screenshot of my comp's cmd ipconfig if that helps
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