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hey guys

i am looking to upgrade my mobo from my dell studio xps 7100, to a asus crosshair formula v

i am limited on money and don't want to lose anyfiles, can i transfer my old hard drive onto the new mobo, with everything still working, including windows 7

hope you can help
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  1. yes.

    you will wont to uninstall the drivers from your old motherboard first though

    wouldnt recomend doing that. you want see any benerfit unless you are getting a better cpu as well.

    best to wait till ivy bridge comes out. when it does pci-e 3.0 montherboards will become a lot cheaper
  2. Are u 100% sure it will work with all programs
  3. If the Windows 7 license is from Dell it is OEM and not transferable.
  4. Area51 is correct. OEM licenses are tied to the motherboard they were activated on. That license is never meant to be transferred to new hardware. You may be able to get it to boot with the new motherboard, but you may have troubles getting it to activate.
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