Do you think this is graphic card error?

Alright Im having lot's of error in my new computer.

My specs are

Intel i7-3770k
16gb of Ram corsair vengeance
Corsair h80 LC cooler
Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
Corsair tx750m psu

and 1tb of hdd
and 128 gb of ssd.

when im playing games ( not all time)
sometimes the screen goes black for several second and it makes slow sound of what im playing
for EX : Man down goes like Meeaaannnn dAwwooonnnn.
and order to quit the black screen i have to do Ctrl + Alt + del, turn off the battlefield 3.

i really need help

I dont know what to do. i scanned virus . no viruses at all.

i need real help..

and when im play BF3

GPU temp = 67~73

CPU temp = 40~60

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  1. Try to update your GTX680 driver.
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