Compaq Presario SG3550IL Graphics Upgrade

Hello, I have a Presario SG3550IL desktop PC with an old Intel integrated Graphics which can't run Battlefield 3. I have no knowledge about PC's or its parts just a gaming addict. I want to buy any new Nvidia/AMD Raedon graphics, only needed to know which graphics card would be able to run latest games like NFS-The Run, Assassins Crees Revelation etc, and work on my PC or do I need to buy newer PC. Any suggestions, Thanks.

Some more details about my PC

500 GB HDD


PCIe x16
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  1. Compaq Presario SG3550IL Desktop PC

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53 GHz

    One PCI Express 1.1 x16 slot for graphics card

    180W Power Supply

    The CPU is too underpowered.

    The power supply unit is grossly underpowered.

    Save up for a new PC.
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