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7950 and 3 monitors. What FPS are you getting

I'm about to purchase a Sapphire 7950 HD and was wondering what kind of frame rates I should expect with 3 monitors. The big one I am wondering about is Battlefield 3. I like to have around 50-60FPS and was wondering what quality settings I would have to pick to achieve that.
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    BF 3 is a intense game. I currently run dual 6950's with 2gb ram each. I run around 50fps on max with dual monitors.

    I would think you should get good FPS. ever thought about adding a 2nd card?
  2. A second card would be waaaay in the future. I'm just wondering what I can expect when I scrounge 2 more monitors together.
  3. Hmmm. Looks like no AA and lower settings will have to be the way to go
  4. BF is hard on computers. But its a great game. I would wait for the $$ on the cards to drop in price and get a 2nd :)
  5. Ya, I found one on craigslist for $220 so I couldn't resist!
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