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I can't install my OEM copy of Windows 7, it hangs...

I am constantly upgrading my computer since I am a gamer (it's like owning a boat, a big hole to throw money into). Anyway, I'm trying to install an OEM copy of Windows 7, and I wiped my harddrive, but the damn thing hangs on the splash screen and won't give me the "install now" button! I have 2 drives, one with XP and all my photos, videos, games,etc. and the other drive is a backup. So I copied everything to one drive, wiped the other clean, unplugged the drive with my stuff on it, and tried to install Win7 on the clean drive, but the damn thing hangs everytime. I never get the "install now" button that is promised on the forums.

Any ideas? Did I get a bad DVD of win7?
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  1. The forums promised you an "install now" button? Hum.

    When you say splash screen, what do you mean? BIOS or something? Cause the install should go something like this...

    1. Insert Operating System disk
    2. Reboot
    3. Press "any" key to boot to CD/DVD
    4. Operating Disk begins loading setup files
    5. THEN... you get to runt through the install
  2. After I see the setup files load, there is a splash screen, its aquamarine in color with some plant like drawings on it, and I can see the mouse cursor, but it goes no further than that. I don't get the "install now" button.
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    (1) Select custon install and look at your HDD partition, if there remove it and redo partition.

    (2) Use manuf program to totally remove partition info on HDD

    I think your system is hanging do to a problem installing files onto your system.

    (3) You might also want to make a boot CD of Memtest 86+. Boot to cd and verify you have no memory errors. Memory errors can cause havac with operating system install
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, but I got it to work. I merely ejected the DVD and reinserted it, and then I got the "install now" optioin. The instal was a breeze and the Windows 7 is running fine. It will take a bit of getting used to, but I'm sure I'm gonna love it.
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  6. Mine hangs up just before the logo. I'll try what you did and see if it works...
  7. BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand

    As the OP state, a boat is like a hole floating on the water.
  8. Ha ha. I dont think so. I just spent $1,000. There's a solution. I just have to find it....
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