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Recently my home internet has been acting up. Im not going to go into details, but my ISP sucks. So my main internet connection is no longer reliable. Every 20 seconds or so, there will be a 5-20second freeze to my internet.

I have an android phone that I have rooted and enabled tethering. This works great, but I only have a 2GB/month plan, which goes by fast because I listen to online radio.

I have a lot of experience with computers, but not a lot with networking.

My plan is to connect to both these networks and set everything to go through my home internet, expect my poker client, which would go through my phone's connection.

1. How should I connect to two networks at once (It can be 2 wireless, or 1 wireless and 1 wired) in Win 7

2. How can I designate what software uses what connection? Thanks
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  1. You can connect to multiple networks at the same time.

    As for specifying a connection, you'd have to set the adapter priority of your main internet connection to be first, then add a rule to the routing table for your poker client.

    Downside of this is that you need to know the IP that your poker client connects to.
    Have a look at :
  2. Ok thanks, I'll give it a try tomorrow.
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