No bootscreen when turning on computer?

Hey guys I recently built a new rig and have had no problems so far, but just the other day (even up til now), when I turn on the computer I do not see the standard post screens or even the Windows 7 loading screen. However my computer DOES boot into Windows 7 just fine and everything works as usual. But this is bothering me because if I need to make any changes to the BIOS I can't. Does anyone know how to fix this? To clarify though, computer is not hooked up to a monitor, but to an 32" Toshiba LCD TV. It's been hooked up this way since I built the rig though.

Specs that matter:

i5 2500k
ZOTAC GTX 460 1GB SLI (tried switching HDMI cables between the two cards, no difference)
G.Skill DDR3 16GB RAM
OCZ Vertex 3 60GB (Windows 7 boot drive)
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  1. Hello meh;

    Can you see the bootup screen when the rig is hooked up at computer monitor?
  2. Yup it shows no problem with a monitor. I've looked at my TV settings and there really isn't anything to play with in terms of settings that would cause problems really.
  3. That only thing I can think of is that 'boot resolution' might be different from the default Windows resolution that works with your TV.
  4. But it worked before and I haven't changed settings on my TV or PC?
  5. What happens when you use the F12 key at boot up?
    Can you see the on-screen menu?
    (Cntrl+Alt+Delete) will restart if you can't see the menu.
  6. Ok this is driving me crazy now. I hooked up an older Viewsonic 20" LCD monitor. First time I did it I could see the boot stuff did appear, but now neither screen shows anything. And F12 doesn't do anything either, no. =\
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