Suggest me the best graphic card for laptop under Rs.3000

i want to buy a good graphic card under rs. 3000 for my laptop but i am not able to deciding which one should i buy. my laptop's speces are--
+ dell inspiron n5030
+ dual core processor
+ 2.30 ghz
+ 2 gb ddr-3 ram
+ 250 gb hdd
+ 32/64 bit
plz help me soon...i will be really thankful to you
plz help :-(
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  1. that laptop does not have a dedicated graphics card. it uses an integrated Intel x4500. i highly doubt that machine has an empty MXM slot in it (MXM is the slot mobile graphics cards use, like AGP, or PCIE)
  2. You can't upgrade the laptop's graphics card unless it is a really high end laptop with up-gradable graphics chips, that usually cost $2000 USD.
  3. The only upgrade to the graphics processor you can make to that laptop is to replace the laptop.
  4. Another rude awakining. Laptops are NOT portable desktops.
  5. ram1009, although true for this specific case, thats too generalized of a statement. there are plenty of laptops out there that are fully upgradable and are quite literally portable desktops. my gx740 has 2 internal slots (one for the wifi card, and a blank one for future upgrades, be it tv tuner or whatever else. plus dedicated graphics which is upgradable, upgradable cpu, ram, etc. and as deemo13 said, they're higher end laptops, although mine was $1200, and at the time a 740 with a lower res screen could be had for $700. it is quite possible to get decent upgradable laptops for a reasonable amount of money and use them as replacement desktops....
  6. Yes, but that's only if you get ASUS, Sager/Clevo, Alienware, or a vendor along those lines. Dell is not going to let you upgrade a thing in their non-Alienware laptops.
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