Please Help I spilled water in my computer!

I put a bottle of water on top of my computer and knocked it over and some of it poured into the top fan. This was 2 days ago and it is dried out now but doesnt power on. The lights on my motherboard still work but nothing happens when I press the power button. How should I troubleshoot this? What componants most likely need to be replaced? I dont have a second pc to test my componants in.
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  1. Try to boot the computer without the graphics card. If you don't have onboard graphics.....well try and investigate to see where the water spilled. If it hit the fan, it may have gotten everywhere.
  2. I tried to boot it without the graphics card and it still didn't work. The water mostly went right to the bottom of the case and on top of the PSU which is at the bottom. A little bit was on the graphics card and motherboard.
  3. Does it not show any signs of life? Have you tried it WITHOUT the graphics?

    You might have to take the computer apart, and just boot with the CPU, RAM, and PSU. It narrows down the problem alot.
  4. Yes I tried it without the graphics. The only sign of life is the lights on the motherboard. I will try booting it with only the CPU, RAM and PSU now.
  5. Ok so I tried that and the case lights and fans are now working but still no video. Here is exactly what I did. I took out the graphics card and sound card and that is when the case lights and fans started working. I put the graphics card back in and it didnt work again. I tried an old graphics card that still worked the last time I used it and it didnt work. I tried both cards in another PCIe slot and it worked with both but no video. I tried both cards in the first PCIe slot and it works now but no video. BUT when the case lights and fans power on after about 5 seconds it powers off and then on again.
  6. Are there any motherboard beeps?
  7. Video is now working again! But now the computer isnt booting. It is getting as far as my motherboard asking me to press DEL to run setup, press TAB to display BIOS POST message. When I press DEL it isnt going into the regular BIOS menu but this other screen and it does nothing.
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