How to transfer steam games from ssd to hard drive

this is probly a dumb question but its my first build and i havent used windows since windows xp, and i was 7 when i used windows how do you transfer steam games from the ssd to hard drive, or just files in general. a link to a video on how to use windows 7 for extreme dummies would be good :D
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  1. I'm not sure how to do the save games part; you might have to go and do that the hard way by finding them.

    To transfer the games themselves, take the steamapps folder and the steam.exe application, and delete everything else.

    Then move the exe and the steamapps folder (the one with all the games) onto the desired HDD.

    The save games I am unsure of. It looks to be inside the Userdata folder in the Steam install, but I am not sure. Try copying that folder and replacing the one that will appear when you install Steam again with it.
  3. not the saves, just the games
  4. you can try a program called steam mover ...
  5. Mine and manofchalks methods are the easiest really. I've done it multiple times to my main computer after installs.
  6. could i have it so that one steam game is on my hard drive and another steam game is on my ssd? cause dirt 3 came with my power supply and it was a steam key, and i probly wont play it much, but i also bought arma 2 combined operations so i can play dayz, which i probly will play a ton
  7. Nup, need all the games where Steam is located unless you want to employ some Command prompt trickery.
  8. so i guess if i just move the whole steam file onto my hard drive it would move everything right?
  9. Or follow the instruction in the link I posted above and come directly from Valve on how to move their own program.
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