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I have a GTX 550 ti and on board AMD Radeon HD4200. Recently I hooked it up to my LCD TV monitor via HDMI to watch HD movies. When I connected it using the Gtx 550 ti the quality was okay but it was too bright at times, the image wasn't sharp, and at times the video came out fuzzy. After reading online I changed setting such as dynamic range and such and it improved a little bit. But it still wasn't good.

So just to attempt to troubleshoot it I changed the bios setting and used the on board one to see the difference in quality. After installing the drivers. I found the video quality was amazing on it.

So I have 2 questions:

1) What could be the reason for the image being worse on my GTX 550 ti than the on board one.

2) If i do just choose to use the HD4200 just for my movies. Will having two different drivers(one from AMD and other Nvdia) cause conflict with one another or is fine to keep both installed simultaneously.

Full specs:
Asus M4A785-M
AMD Athlon II x4 635
6Gb DDr2
GTX 550 Ti

Thank you.
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  1. keeping both them installed is just fine....it would be even better if your motherboard could support both the integrated and the dedicated cards at once..I doubt it but its possible it would be a BIOS setting.....as far as the video play back goes...when was the last time you updated your drivers from nvidia? maybe they just have crappy default settings..also something to check would be the settings on the tv
  2. My motherboard only supports hybrid crossfire, so I would have to have an AMD graphic card to use both on board and discrete at the same time. My drivers are up to date. The settings might be the issue, after changing them a bit more it does start to look better. But I rather not have to change settings on both my TV and computer because I have them just right with all other devices. I'm thinking maybe the NVDIA drivers don't properly utilize the TV preset setting or overrides them with it own settings. Ill guess ill just keep both drivers installed and just use the on board one when I need to connect it to my TV.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. no problem man sorry I couldn't offer a magic fix but maybe if you play around with the nvidia control panel you will get it to look good.
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