$140 budget on a new case

i have a $140 budget on a new case for my build. the case MUST be from iibuy.com.au
currently i have in mind a Thermaltake Overseer Full Tower.
please tell me if you can think of any other cases that are better in this budget
thanks guys comment hugely appreciated
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  1. why must it be ibuy? there are other shops that sell withdecent prices

    i usually recommend a fractal define R4. nearly perfect layout and is solidly built
  2. I purchased a Thermaltake Element G a few years ago. It was about 120$. It is the most infuriating case I've ever worked on. Every time I open my PC, I consider ordering a new case. I wouldn't buy another thermaltake case without seeing extremely outstanding reviews.

    Coolermaster HAF 922 is one of the best cases I've used recently, the 912 was nice but it's more of a budget case. But I don't build PCs very frequently.

    The best trick I've found for case shopping (which I used to consider a HUGE pain), is to sort your options by most reviewed (go to newegg and window shop if your site doesn't have much of a reviewer base). The cases with thousands of reviews are all quite good; some better than others of course, but it gives you an easy way to filter out the complete garbage, and choose a case that appeals to you from a bunch of popular and well made cases.
  3. i generally dont like all coolermaster cases other than the haf xm which is one of my favourite for some reason. if you have it, go ahead and get it. otherwise, fractal is my recommended choice
  4. I've never been very good at case selection, so the HAF922 being my best case isn't saying a ton about other cases. That being said, it had a ton of features that I really liked: Switches for fan LEDs, very quiet, lots of room, good tool-less drive bays, and room to run cables behind the mobo. I wasn't a big fan of the side panels (the hooks were the type that get crushed if you don't put your panel back on carefully, and have to be bent back) and the side panels were made of thinner metal than I would have liked.

    But really, the main point of my post was "Boooo thermaltake" :) and the advice about case shopping.
    After looking at the R4, it honestly looks like a case I would consider buying (since I hate my Tt case, this is a constant temptation); I prefer the minimalist look, which is why the CM922's fan switches really stood out to me. I'm not a big fan of front-door cases, but it doesn't commit the cardinal sin of putting the power button inside (who uses cd drives anyway) so it's forgiveable.
  5. bitfenix is pretty good. just that i wouldnt buy anything more than a raider
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