SPDIF header pins

I have a 946gzt-am motherboard from an Acer Aspire T690, that I have transplanted into a HTPC case.
My AV receiver onlyhas digital audio inputs for 5.1 and the mobo onboard audio is analog ouput only. (onboard AC888 - GA3000)
I assume you see my dilemma now.
I have an SPDIF coax and toslink extender with a 4 pin plug ready to install, but alas, no pins on the header.
Literature on the mobo, states that there is SPDIF support, however the header on the mobo is wihout pins. It has only blank soldered pads.
My question is, can I solder a 4 pin connector to the mobo and, voila, digital audio out????
If so, where can I buy such a connector in Australia?

Before anyone starts yelling:
1. I am a licensed electrician with electronics qualifications
2. I HAVE read the manual - with no reference to the SPDIF header, apart from there is one!!
3. I have scoured the net only to find other people with the same question, but no answers
4. I DO NOT wish to buy audio cards if I can help it. This HTPC is more of a home server, but I would also like to play some music and watch some ripped movies (mostly avi)
5. I am NOT an audiophile, hence the reluctance to spend good money on a top shelf sound card.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Update !!!
    One should never attempt these things late at night !
    I was looking at the wrong header.

    Anyway, The Gigabyte extender is installed, however I am unable to get any sound to my receiver. 5.1, stereo or otherwise.
    When testing the digital output, I get visual representation that there is sound being output, but no sound into my receiver.
    I have tested the toslink cable - works fine from other source (DVD)
    I have updated my BIOS
    I have latest realtek HD drivers
    My receiver will decode DTS, Dolby Digital, Prologic, etc and input is set accordingly

    I have read about enabling SPDIF in BIOS, however can find no reference in my BIOS (apart from onboard audio - which is enabled)

    In audio manager, I have no reference to SPDIF either. (only Realtek digital output)

    Please help!


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