Plz help gtx 670 lag battlefield 3

i just bought a new gigabyte gtx 670 when i play battlefield the games runs fine for 30 min after that its starts laggig real bad fps drop like hell thank u for ur help
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  1. and i have an old msi gtx 460 it can run the game on high settings with out any lag is it true the new kepler gpu is defective
  2. Update your drivers to the 304.79's with the clean install option.
  3. what brand of 670 do you have and what are your computer specifications?
  4. gigabyte gtx 670
    500 watt psu
    core i3
    4 gigs of ram
    intel motherboard
  5. i updated the driver to 306.02 wich is the latest beta should i install the 304.79 will this fix my problem thanks alot for ur reply
  6. waelr99 said:
    i updated the driver to 306.02 wich is the latest beta should i install the 304.79 will this fix my problem thanks alot for ur reply

    Sorry, I haven't tried the 306's yet, so I can't say. Did they fix the problem?
  7. i am trying it now ill post the results soon
  8. might be a heat issue when the kepler GPU hits 70C it starts to down clock itself 12 mhz at a time until it can hit 70c so it can stay in its thermal limts.

  9. the heat is normal below 70 and the driver update didnt work i downloaded the 304.79 could it be the 4 gigs of ram /?? should i increase the ram to 8 and the cpu is usage is 100 % when am playing the game is this normal ? should i upgrade my cpu also coz others games are good like metro 2033 an
    crysis 2
  10. Umm.... CPU at 100% is bad and will cause an immediate lag. In BF3 multiplayer your CPU is holding you back and hence why the i3 is not what everyone claims it to be. If an i5 3570k is hitting 60% with 4 cores then there is no hope for an i3 with 2 cores.

    4 Gigs of RAM is very borderline, and if your system needs to use the Hard drive if it runs out of ram, that will be painfully slow as well. I can comment on both these issues from experience. The best thing you can do is research CPU usage and RAM usage for the games you play.
  11. playing bf3 on a dual core isnt a good idea... you really do need a quad. even a slower quad like a core 2 quad will give more performance on bf3 than an i3.
    your system is totally unbalanced and wont get any better till you get an i5 quad as far as bf3 is concerned... you will however have a great time playing starcraft 2 and any other game that has a maximum requirement of a dual core.
    sorry to say it but your system isnt up to playing bf3 due to the core limits of your cpu.
    even if you overclocked to 4.0 ghz there would be no real difference.
    balance your pc with a cpu upgrade is the only real answer im afraid.

    if you still have it put your old gfx card back in even on minimum bf3 looks good. and at least it wont get choked by excessive framrates which is likely at the root of the issue... to much gfx not enough cpu.
  12. thanks for the reply guys i would like to add metro 2033 and other games like crysis 2 seem to work great maby the large battlefield 3 maps are demanding too much memory i will borrow a 4 gb ram from my friend and see if there is a difference and post the results here i want to upgrade my cpu but i dont have the money right now :P
  13. addding more memory wont help sorry...
  14. adding more memory will help. i use 1.5GBs of RAM at startup and BF3 can use more than 3GB of RAM on my system. thats over 4GB. luckily i have 8 gigs and usually use up 4-5GB while playing BF3 and running all my background programs. but to get the max performance outta your awesome 670, you have to upgrade memory and the CPU. right now you can get the 2500k for 200$.
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