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I recently purchased a Samsung Syncmaster 2233rz. What's weird is that I immediately plugged it into my Geforce 7600 GS video card's DVI slot, and it came up just fine! THEN! I plugged in my dell lcd to the VGA slot of the video card and the 2233rz screen turned black and it is giving me a blinking blue power light (no signal?). Now, it just won't detect that I've even got a monitor plugged into the DVI slot. Only VGA works. HELP!!
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  1. Specs are: Shuttle SD30G2 plus with geforce 7600 GS/ core 2 duo E6600 and everything else is onboard.
  2. I had the same issue but with a 8400GS. Plug out the dell and Use windows's screen resolution (right click on desktop) and click detect. It should show a white extra screen that says not connected, plug the dell in again, click the litttle white screen once and then underneath on Multiple displays select Try to connect anyway on vga, apply. It should force the display to be on now.

    You should also just adjust the resolution to optimal.
  3. Sorry if i didn't sound clear enough, but its samsung which uses a DVI cable that doesn't work. The dell uses VGA and works fine. I've tried that already :( no go
  4. Should still work other way around.
  5. I'm almost sure that it's a problem with the DVI cable or the monitor. I just find it very odd that it actually worked for about 10 seconds, then when I plug in the dell into the VGA slot, the samsung immediately loses it's signal and is now undetectable :( any other suggestions?!
  6. Dude, Im telling you. I HAVE the same spare pc with 1 dvi and 1 vga in dual mode on a 8400.... start with the vga and then plug the dvi in, as I said above.

  7. Tried that at least 30 times and the sumsung (uses DVI) will just blink the power led. I'm starting to think that it's bad capacitors now. I'm not even able to bring up the menu on the samsung. Thanks for your help though.
  8. If both screens work one at a time on vga and dvi, nothing is wrong with the screens and gfx card.
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