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First of all, Id like to say thanks to the forum users as I reffered to this website alot when building my PC.
Right, I built my PC 2 days ago, and with some games I seem to be crashing alot, and a couple of times I have had BSOD. The games that have crashed have only ever produced a .exe crash, for exmaple the two games that are doing this are, Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. Other games such as TF2 and Orcs Must Die 2 are running absolutely perfectly. And when Left 4 Dead is on it runs maximum settings without a single problem.
Borderlands the first time I started it ran perfectly also, apart from alot of screen tear, but that was to do with my screen settings..
Now on Start up BL2 crashes and L4D crashes between 5-10 minutes.

These are my computer specs..

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64x
CPU: i5 3570k OC'd @ 4.3Ghz
GPU: Geforce 660ti
RAM 8GB Corsair
PSU: 650W Corsair Enthusiast
Storage: 120GB SSD OCZ Agility 3
Mobo: 1GB GA-Z77 D3H

Ive tried re-installing drivers, and the problem that people seem to talk about with Steam's Cloud.
And this evening after I get home from work Im gonna try a complete wipe, and install everything again. Unless of course you guys have a solution to the problem.

Normal computer use its absolutley perfect, loving the start up time with an SSD, takes no longer than 15 seconds! Until I put a free AVG on there until I bought an anti-virus, my start up was then about 3-5 minutes, but thats not important ;)

Ill be here to give any additional information, thanks very much for having a read of this anyway.
Any help would be greatley appreciated :sol:
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  1. Easiest thing to try is a few different drivers to see if that helps with any issues. Could be faulty card but I doubt it if some games run fine while others don't.
  2. First thing is to get rid of the overclock, see if that helps.
  3. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I bought my mobo, RAM, cpu as a bundle from Scan (UK Store) and they specifically told me not to change anything along those lines in the BIOS. As the bundle is that you get all these components and then they OC it for you and do testing to make sure it works.
    Also I wouldnt want to do that just incase it breaks some form of warranty on the bundle if that is the problem. For example, if I was to change something within the BIOS they can say that what ever I did may have casued the problem and blah blah blah..
  4. Phone them and get them to look at it under warranty.
  5. Will do :) Its just at the moment Im at work so I cant, and on weekdays they are only open till 5:30 and I get in around that time which is a real pain :(
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