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Hi guys ( and girls ) . It has been over half a year thinking about my first build , and gone from "really idiot :pt1cable: " to almost master :) . I have all my components listed here:

I've been thinking to put a little more money on future proofing the PSU and Motherboard. I would like something like 1000w PSU , and a +250 $ Motherboard (z77 ) before buying the parts so , got any good 1000w PSU or motherboard ideas ( i prefer something like Cooler master / Asus / gygabit /corsair )
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  1. For your psu, get this

    Seasonic reliable brand for psus.

    Not familiar with motherboards, but only get a really expensive one if you want to over clock and have nice features, and all the good stuff. A basic $100 will do almost just as well as a $250 one.
  2. skip the 1000w idea. unless you're running two highly OCed 680's, a 3570K, and a full custom water loop, you won't run it under it's effective rate for that 80+ efficiency and you'll be paying more for electricity bills than you would with a lower wattage PSU.

    keep the PSU if you're planning to SLI that GPU. otherwise, you can get away with 600-650W.

    personally can't think of any other board with a build quality and warranty coverage better than Asus' Sabertooth series.
  3. On this budget you should really include a SSD. Also I have the same fan controller and I love it. The white LED is kind of bright but I just took it out.
  4. Drop the cleaner and thermal paste. Thermal paste comes with your heatsink. I would also switch your gfx card to radeon 7970. Amd released new drivers that made it faster than the geforce 670. Plus amd has a promotion where you get 3 free games (farcry 3, hitman, and sleeping dogs). And yes, I would get an ssd on that budget. I would recommend dropping the fan controller wich you don't really need in the first place and/or downgrading the graphics card or ram to find money for it. Get an ssd at least big enough to boot from, and if you have the space, one big enough for your apps too. Try to get at least 128gb
  5. For the PSU , i'll go with the "Corsair HX1050" ( thx lookerup ) . About the Sabertooth , i'm not really sure i'm going to change it until someone shows me why it sucks or why other board are better , also , i kinda never OC'd before so something like UEFI would be nice for a board bios .

    EDIT: i looked up the HX1050 , and it looks like it has a lot of bad reviews because of some kind of sound the psu makes D:
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