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Almost done purchasing all the parts for my first homebuilt pc. I have a Rosewill Challenger (, which comes with 3 case fans: two 120 mm, one 140 mm.

This micro-atx mobo, an ASRock H77M LGA 1155 Intel ( just went on sale, and it seems perfect for my needs: Single video card, no over-clocking, only 8 gigs of Ram, etc.

Only problem is, the mobo doesn't appear to have any fan-headings (or whatever they're called) to connect the fans to. From my inexpert research, it seems that you can always hook them up to the molex connectors on the PSU, but that doing so would leave me unable to control the fan speed and they would always be going at max speed.

So what should I do? Should I pick up the mobo and just hoop up my fans to the PSU? Should I pick up something like this (

This forum has already helped me out a ton, so I hope someone can help me out again. Thanks!
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  1. There are, at least, 5 fan headers on the mobo you referenced. You won't have a problem here.

    Go to the newegg link you referenced and look at the top-down picture of the mobo itself. Click zoom, move the picture around and you'll see the headers.

    Good luck!
  2. Ahh, ok, I see a couple fans labeled CHA_FAN and a couple labelled CPU FAN... I assume you're talking about these? On other mobo's that I'd checked out, the fan headers were listed in the specs. I assume that both the chassis fans and the CPU fans will work? Is there any functional difference?
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    Those and the other 3 that are clearly visible. Just make sure you connect the CPU fan to the proper header and you can really use the rest as needed. With the exception of the 4-pin PWM headers (which can also support 3-pin fans), they all work the same.

    Have fun with the new config!
  4. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it.
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  6. You are most welcome!
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