Screen tearing problems, Help needed.

Heres my problem, so I bought a new gaming pc and i am mostly happy with it except for one thing that ruins the experience for me, i have screen tearing problems on some games, here are just a few examples:
Prototype 2,
Battlefield 3,
Crysis 2,
and some others.
but my screen tearing issues can be pretty annoying, for example, i dont know if this is a screen tearing problem but when playing games when people are talking the game skips ahead to the next dialogue as soon as the first one starts, so like talking all at once, and while playing BF3 i experienced a weird glitch where my teammates just ran through the wall to get to the objective, and there are other screen tearing issues in that game for me, like theres black shadows sometimes on the ground, when its in first person and you're moving it kinda like skips u ahead, etc. Crysis 2 also has some screen tearing issues, generally items dissapearing, people dropping dead all glitchy, etc.

Does anyone have a solution? i seriously have tried everything people suggested on the internet and for 95% of those people messing with the CCC worked, like forcing v sync on but it didnt work for me and i am out of ideas.
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  1. The issues you are describing are not screen tearing....

    Screen tearing is when the top half of your screen looks like it isnt in sync with the bottom half because your frame rate is above the refresh rate of your monitor.....

    Sounds more like bad drivers to me, have you reinstalled them? If you could post a screenshot of these defects too that would be great...

    Edit: Also include your full system specs....
  2. AMD FX 6100
    MSI R7770 1GB DDR5
    8GB Ram
    GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ Motherboard

    Also, its not really a situation where i can take screen shots. what I mean by this is like everything being all jittery, for example, in cut scenes in these games whenever they move they're all jittery, and i honestly dont know what the problem is. i just tried reinstalling my drivers but no luck.
  3. Do you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera? You could film what's happening. That way it would be easier for us to help you.
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