Re-using old Thermaltake case

Just a quick question, I have an old Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case lying around. I was wondering if I can re-use this case for a new low budget gaming build. Or is it better just to buy a new case?

Here is the link for the case:

Thank you!
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  1. No reason not to use it... It would be fine.
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    A case is a case as long as you have decent air circulation. My buddy had a server in an old beat up Thermaltake case that we fashioned a plexiglass side for that was held on by zippy ties. It worked like a champ. All a case has to do is hold your stuff in place. The only thing you want to make sure is that the motherboard mounts well, but with the ATX and Micro-ATX standards there usually is no issues.
  3. I am still using one! Its a decent case.

    Nice fish sadams04.
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