His IceQ Radeon 7850 + I5 3450 Benchmarks?

So I'm trying to get some idea of what type of benchmarks I will be getting out of this combination with games like Battlefield 3, Metro 2033, Skryim, and whatever other benchmarks you can get out there. I know someone is going to come along and say, "oh no, get this." Please don't. I'm just asking the specs of probably what I can be expecting out of this combination.

This is for a first build and just trying to get my bearings to what to expect out of my computer gaming wise. I have seen one thing that was close that was getting Battlefield 3 around 50 fps+ (this being low end) but I'm just not sure. Wanting to see if you guys could get me a more direct showing than just a random youtube video which was the best I could find so far.
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  1. well since the cpu you are getting is pretty high end you can pretty much look at any 7850 benchmark and find very similar if not exact results that you will be getting.

    here is a benchmark of your exact card

    but really you could just google 7850 review and it will get you benchmarks for pretty much any game you want
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