Nvidia gt630 2gb DDR3(Asus)

How Can I get the bst performancefrom my card. Plz HElp me
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  1. to get the best performance out of the card you install it in your system and install the latest drivers....one thing you can do is go into the nvidia control panel and change the 3d settings to performance...this will sacrifice some 3d image quality but will help you squeeze every bit of performance out of your card....you can also try overclocking your card a little bit (it wont oc very much) using msi afterburner or something..but you wont really notice too much of a diff with that card.
  2. Well, you can make sure the temperatures are stable and try to overclock and get the latest driver set.

    That being said the 630 isnt exactly going to burn rubber when it comes to playing games.
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